Firefox is the highly popular free web browser that more than 500 million people worldwide are using to surf and interact with the Internet. Firefox is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, handheld devices, and in more than 70 different languages.

You may currently be using Internet Explorer, but Firefox is faster which means that you don't waste time waiting for web pages to load. With a strong focus on your online security and privacy, Firefox helps to protect your personal information and activities from being seen and exploited while you surf the Internet.
Firefox is well known for being the most customizable web browser. With a selection of more than 8,000 free add-ons on the Firefox Add-ons site, you can customize Firefox to have it look the way that you want, and function the way that you want.

Millions have stopped using Internet Explorer, and those who have tried other browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc) have switched or have come back to Firefox for these reasons and for many more that you'll discover along the way.
Firefox is fun, free, and easy to learn and use so download it today here.

Internet Explorer 11

Overall, Microsoft claims that users who do so will see a 9 percent performance improvement versus IE10, which Microsoft claims is about 30 percent faster than competing browsers. IE11 ships with the new Chakra just-in-time Java compiler, designed to improve the performance of real-world websites, plus support for different components of the ECMAScript6 standard.

IE11 also offloads WebGL graphics processing onto the GPU, reducing CPU power consumption and improving performance. Microsoft also improved its compliance with Web standards, including processing HTML5 video without the need for plugins. Internet Explorer 11, is also fun, free, and easy to learn and use so download it today if you prefer it to Firefox