How to grow Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn as we know it is a type of maize. In fact its a grass, and pollination occurs when the wind blows through the flower heads, the reason it is grown in a square formation, close together rather than individually or planted in length along rows.
Some of the sweetcorn varieties grow very tall, to a height of about 2 metres. Shorter plants are also available.
Sweetcorn should be cooked and eaten directly after picking. If truth be told you won't taste anything better if you cook and eat sweetcorn within 30 minutes of cutting.
The reason being that sweetcorn kernels turn to starch very quickly after cutting.
The newer varieties are much sweeter than the older regarded ones for example, "Swift F1" which can be bought by clicking here. This type comes under the category of "Supersweet" and is a type grown successfully on the Keilersbrae Allotments every year.